Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Give us courage to invest in peace...

On Sunday, I worshipped at St. Andrew's Church of Scotland in Jerusalem.

One of the songs they san was a new hymn by Ian D. Cunningham who is a minister for the Church of Scotland in Carluke, Scotland.

I would like to share the words with you, as they are so poignant.

Give Us Courage to Invest in Peace

Lord Jesus, you wept for Jerusalem -
city that failed to live up to its name
you longed to hold its children in your arms
they turned their backs on all that makes for peace.

And still the walls of hate and fear divide
suspicion and mistrust on either side
so that both hope and justice are denied.
Lord, give us courage to invest in peace.

In love you chose to take the uphill way
confronting bitter hate and enmity
to draw together those once far away
till through your cross you paid the price of peace.

When we are tempted by the careless way
of hasty prejudice and bigotry,
awaken us from all complacency
and give us courage to invest in peace.

Open our eyes lord, to see thee more clearly, and to love you more dearly.
Help us to have eyes to see the reality.
May we have the courage to stand up for peace, justice and reconciliation!

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Harriet said...

So thankful for God's calling upon your life, my friend, and for how you call me to a broader perspective.