Friday, June 27, 2008

Life in Palestine

Life in Palestine...

In the evenings we have different types of gatherings, sometimes to learn more about the current situation. This week we saw a video about the life situation of a women whose husband was killed in 1967 shortly after the 6 days war when their village was forced to flee to a refugee camp... it was very powerful and very sad.

The next evening, I was invited to spend the evening with a friend's family. The traditions here when someone marries, several days before the wedding there is a gathering of family at the grooms home to welcome the brides family, including food, music and dancing. If someone in the close family dies, then the wedding is postponed by at least one month.

Last night we gathered at a place which used to be an Isreali military camp, now it is a park and a gathering place where people can have cookouts at watch sports on a big screen with friends etc. We gathered at the park to watch the European Cup for football/soccer, last nights game was Russia v Spain 0-3!!! It was a good game, especially for Spain fans... there are two games left. Russia will play Italy to determin 3rd and 4th place, and Germany will play Spain to determin 1st and 2nd place!!! All will be over on Sunday night.

Friends and family are very important for the people of Palestine. The people are very resiliant. Despite the current living challenges and difficulties of the day, they care greatly for each other and when there is a chance to forget about some of life's challenges through sports, music, laughter, they come together.

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