Monday, June 9, 2008

Why Woman at the Well?

Last year, when I visited Jacob's well, I encountered the well in a new way.  John 4 relates the story of Jesus coming to Jacob's well with his disciples.  Jesus has a conversation with a woman, not unlike any of us, a sinner who has fallen short.  Jesus gives her the "living water" and asks her to go and tell the people of the "living water."

To this day in the city of Nablus, formerly known as Schechem, there are churches and part of the Christian Community.  We all have the same challenge, to go and tell the people of the "living water."

As I prepare to return to Palestine, I am reminded of my call...


Scott said...

Look at you!

Posting pictures...awesome.

PoetLady said...

I hope your trip goes well, I am glad you get to do this:)

Your cousin,