Friday, June 6, 2008

Woman At the Well


In 10 days I will begin a journey towards Bethlehem for a one month study leave.

There are many things to do before I can leave. One of them was create a new blog site!!!

I will be posting reflections, observations, and pictures of my journey.

please keep me in prayers,


Scott said...

I will be praying!

No "s". said...

Hi, Kristen,
Thanks for sharing your journey with us in this format. I will add your page to my favorites and keep you in prayer as always.
I love you!
No "S"

Patrick said...

Hi Kristen,
Thanks for your blog. I'm looking for volunteer ops in Bethlehem and will looks at Basam.

Could you please let me know where you took Arabic lessons? 4 nights/wk is great! I'm looking for intensive instruction.

Thanks for your help.